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RUGA settlements has been suspended at the point of writing, and it took us a while to have this written. Because there where questions that needed answers, (Take a look at the video below) for what purpose and benefit it will bring to Nigerian, will it solve the insecurity going on presently or would it bring more arising issues or problem, like some political pressure group such as the Isoko Advance Network(IAN) and according to a newspaper (Vangaurdng) that they would not give land for RUGA, but would give the govt land for industries. Come to think of it, they may have made a point. Even an Ex president of Nigeria Obasanjo, had his own implication to Ruga settlement. I would like you to take a look at the following video below and have your say. PLEASE take “note”, this was not sponsored by anybody to place it here. Also,we should accept the fact that everyone has his or her own opinion.

As it’s part of Glofosnet, we dont’t write a whole page of stories on our blog, we only bring out topic for us to discuss and share our thoughts on certain touching issues bothering our lives and society. Watch the following video and have your say.

“Solution for the farmers”

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