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Hacking is actually a misunderstood term. It has been a subject of debate for many years. Some journalists refer to hackers as those who love performing computer mischief. However, hacking actually goes beyond simply playing pranks on other people with a little help from technology it is the practice that involves resourcefulness, creativity, and great computer knowledge.

If you want to learn how to hack, you need to have the following skills:

  1. Computer Skills This means that you need to have skills that go beyond Microsoft Office and basic web surfing. You have to be able to manipulate your computer’s functions using the command prompt, set up your networking system, or edit the registry in order to allow or block specific processes.
  2. Linux Skills Hackers consider Linux as the operating system for hacking tools. Open source, also allows users to perform tasks that purchased operating systems like Windows and Mac would not allow.
  3. Networking Skills Since most of the attacks that you will learn from, will be networking attacks. You need to familiarize yourself with how computer networking works.
  4. Security Concepts, knowledgeable on computer security protocols.
  5. Wireless Technologies. Most devices nowadays rely on wireless connectivity, it is important to know how these devices work and how to bypass security. You need to learn how encryption, algorithms work as well. And how connection protocols work.
  6. Web Applications. Whether you want to hack a computer or protect yourself from any attack,

7.Scripting. The way attacks are coded is vital in setting up a defense against malicious hackers. Learn how to write scripts in order to discover new attacks that will possibly bypass security protocols that tend to get more sophisticated every day

Digital forensics. Learn when a computer is infiltrated. Think ahead.

There are more, and hacking is wide with various issues coming up everyday and year. But, having this knowledge above, you good to go

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