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Good Bad And Ugly Google

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Some search engine try to paint google bad, saying they are more secure than google in terms of their browser, privacy and security. In my own point of view, think they are not fully correct.

Please this is my own opinion, and am not sponsored for any statement made here. To be truthful, I use almost all the search engine you can think off, be it on Android, Apple, Linux or windows. Love to experiment things especially in information technology, and that has made me to know the good, advantages, and  flaws. Mind you, there is always room for improvement. Do not think anyone should criticized google. They have done more good than you think. You may have benefited financially from google products, like drive, google play, chrome etc. Hmmm and you place your advert on them, and some few are criticizing google.

Am not saying google is so perfect, No one is perfect. They have  flaws, but they have been helpful one way or the other.

 Anyway, that would be a good topic for another day. No search engine or browser is safe or secure. They do their best, you have a greater role to play. Even Tor would tell you not to rely much on them, but you have to cultivate a habit to stay safe online. Mind you if you know your way around google, they will let you into all previous searches you may have done, and you can wipe or clean them. Come to think of it, what if you go through those searches and meet an old archive that may be useful to you, has google not preserved it for you? Am not saying you should rely on google, because security online has to be more on you than any search engine or browser. For me I use search engine or browser for certain purpose even the one that criticize the other. Example, if I don’t want ads, or need a browser where one can tweak it to my taste for security purpose, I would use it

Point is this, these are all marketing, and competition are every where. Do your best and when people try your products they would be the one to judge. Top 10 or so, am not into comparison. You be the judge of that. I would like to know your point on this issue, if it’s a concern

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    Quiet agree with you on this.

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