Crypto Currency and You

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I wrote  about this some time on a blog. Just decided to make it brief and simple, because someone had a chat about it. And decided to share my opinion and advice. . Let’s take it higher or rather let’s get serious now. There is no doubt that a lot of people are into Bitcoin. With the spark of other altcoins, every one out there have been involved in one way or the other. With so many ICO springing up, some real, some are just there to reap your money. But, do think  Cryptos are here to stay for a while.

Would like to advice you on one thing, don’t invest your”whole” money on anything that can cause you pains. Just put small, when you see progress you can raise the stake. So be wise in doing biz. And also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, waiting for a jackpot. It may back fire and you know the consequences it may have on you.

Please don’t get me wrong, am not saying crypto is that bad, I invested and gained from it. What am saying is invest wisely and don’t put all your money into it. Invest your money in various biz, even if one fails there is another to hold on to. And please learn how to save also

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