Glofosnet Helping Hand (GH2)

 What is Glofosnet Helping Hand (GHH or GH2). You may want to ask.


Glofosnet digital and marketing communication is a registered business in Nigeria.  We are partnering with reputable NGO to fight against Autism,  Child care, those in orphanage homes, hunger and poverty in Africa. We would not stop only in Africa, but to some poor countries in the world. That is what our logo stands for the world in your hand


We are also collaborating and  working hard with local farmers,  to produce crops and other products to cater for most of these children in orphanage homes.


Please we seek your support on any donation that you may render. You can render support to any NGO or a reputable one out there. The world is in our hands, and together we can make it a better place. Below are secured payment option  which are  Paypal and Paystack


Thank you


Thank you for your support