We serve both the public and private sector. We provide Digital and Affiliating Marketing, we boost your sales. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy. Our goal is to make you happy, by Branding, Marketing and Sales of any products and goods. From Agro business to the world of  Technology,  Real estate,  Landed property, best hotel deals for your best comfort. We’re excited to help you on your journey.


For those who shop online, have less time to do so, or you are in need of a nice products even at a good  price, our consultant or agents are at your service. We manage your orders at a discounted shipping rate. Depending  on the product or goods, we would ship it free. All these and more at 0% consultancy charge. Our agents are associated with some top e-commerce  sites like Jumia. You can start now by shopping for jumia deals of the day at a very reduced price. You would be glad you did.


You can reach us anytime through our online chat or contact email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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You can also reach us through  email: info@glofosnet.com.ng